Doris Leonardo

Doris Leonardo

Hi There,

Thank you for taking a moment to read my bio. It's always a pleasure meeting new connections and establishing relationships.

As a family of entrepreneurs, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters who each have had businesses for over 25 years. We can thank our lovely parents, for they were the Best Role Models. My husband and I owned a catering business for 24 years. The one main goal we always had from the beginning was customer service. Our tag line was "Be A Guest At Your Own Party!" Pretty awesome, huh? Our clients knew we took that serious and we knew the better the service, the better the relationships.

Being in the hospitality business has helped my transition into the real estate world. I am so delighted to be in a career helping customers navigating the process of home ownership. Before it was how to have a party in their homes, now I get to help with the buying & selling of those homes. Nice transition.With that in mind, my new tag line is; "Service You Deserve, from the People You Trust!"

Now that my hubby is "retired" from professional chefing, he has embarked onto his latest venture, Investing & Remodeling property. Once again, we have ventured into a business together, and this Company is called;

We couldn't be happier. The People Business has been a blessing and a natural fit for us. So lets connect and see how we can help each other service our customers.