Doris Johnson-Brown

New Jersey, United States

Doris Johnson-Brown has always shown determination when facing difficult challenges in her life.
From a young child she was taught through hard work, she would be able to achieve and accomplish her goals.
Joining the police department in 1995, she has patrolled in the second busiest precinct in the state. It was during some of the many encounters with residents that she decided now is the time to make a positive difference in the community in which she served,
She got involved with the public and private schools, teaching the children about safety and responsibility. Lending a helping hand to the elders. Working in the high schools building trust with young adults, showing them there is hope for the future and working hand in hand with different religious groups. Educating herself on different cultures in the diverse communities surrounding the neighborhoods in the areas she worked. After being promoted to Detective and leaving her position as the West District's Community Relations Officer, she decided to continue her work with the community by starting her own non-profit,Community Uplifting Project (CUP)!

With a simple mission statement of creating a compassionate environment to assist in meeting the social needs of the community, CUP will serve as a resource and referral directory.

This spring,CUP will initiate two projects:

Project S.O.S (Sowing Our Seeds) and Project "Lets Eat!"

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