Doris Wien

idea generator/PM/UX/Curator

aka @Doriscafe

idea generator/PM/UX/Curator

Doris always has lots of new ideas.

Her recent idea is the world's first IoT (Internet of Things) wearable music player — the Aivvy Headphones. Collaborated as the Aivvy Team, they've made some progress:

The Aivvy Headphones got:
- The CES Innovation Awards 2016, Honoree
- The Red Dot Design Award 2016, Winner

Aivvy seamlessly integrates elegantly designed audio hardware, intelligent software and personalized internet radio into a single, simple device.

Doris is an active curator.

In 2015, she curated Aivvy's SXSW trade show presences in TX, and coordinated the production for their funded Kickstarter campaign.

In 2013, She curated workshops on data visualization, social media story-telling and marketing for online and traditional media, e.g. Tencent, NetEase, etc.

Doris spends her spare time on playing the piano, painting oil paintings, podcasting and cooking. (Her personal instagram is full of foodporn.) Recently she completed a music business MOOC at the Berklee.