Kyle Wild

I'm software entrepreneur living in San Francisco, California. In 2012, I started an analytics API company called Keen. We're working to do for analytics what AWS did for the datacenter.


data science, team building, API design, fundraising, software architecture, concurrency, distributed systems, programming languages, sound engineering, squash, strategy games, structural engineering


Right-brainer, ENTP / INTP, ex-mathlete, auditory & spatial reasoner, musician, burner, recovering free climber

Software philosophy:

I work to elevate the technological baseline, amplifying the efforts of my colleagues and my craft.

I embrace dynamic typing, multiple inheritance, runtime mutation, functional programming, and schemaless databases. I embrace these things because of experience, not because of fashion. I know they are as dangerous as they are powerful, and that is why I study.

I abhor inefficiency. I use Vim, Alfred, and OmniFocus religiously.