Diego Orlandini

Writer and Entrepreneur in Miami, Florida

Diego Orlandini

Writer and Entrepreneur in Miami, Florida

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Diego writes to understand the world within. He reads Roberts, Hemingway, Kerouac and Bukowski often but he prefers to feel like Dass, Mycoskie and Tolle at times.

He runs a digital marketing agency focused on product development and e-commerce at aimfulmedia.com and writes at his personal blog dorlandini.com for kicks.

He is the creator of The Wynwood Coloring Book. (www.wynwoodcoloringbook.com)

He also writes a spiritual-ish column at HGAB Magazine called "A Millennial's Incomplete Guide to Clarity."

He is passionate about finding creative ways to help underprivileged, yet talented, children reach higher education (as means of socioeconomic autonomous growth). He does it via aimful.ly, an online store with the mission to #liveaimfully and to send 1,000 kids to the university.

He is finishing up a fiction novel based on his travels called FLAWS.

Further Reading:

- Traveled to over 100 cities.
- Summa cum laude in Economics.
- Double minor in Business Admin. and Creative Writing.
- Fervent believer of the 3 P's: people, product and process.
- Transcendental Meditation student.
- Peruvian National Fencing champion (1999-2003).
- Athlete (scuba diver, surfer, runner, etc).
- Written over 1/2 million characters of unpublished work.
- Toastmasters Sergeant at Arms.
- Digital nomad, marketing and e-commerce expert.
- Videographer and Photographer.
- Lost, The Walking Dead & Scrubs.

  • Education
    • Rollins College