Dormant Gardens

Our Imaginations

Sit a spell in the shade of our Gardens. Enjoy the cool breeze of our Universes as they unfold around you.

Our Worlds will draw you in, engage you, and have you dancing for rain.

Tales of struggle, love, and triumph bloom in our Universes that teem with exotic landscapes and mystical creatures that aren't always what they seem.

Feel free to explore, browse through our books, and connect with us. All seeds deserve the miracle of water to bloom with us in our Gardens.

Meet The Authors

Born and raised in New York City and now living in Toronto, ON, Canada, Mayden Rose spent a lot of her time as a child listening to the voices in her head. Instead of thinking herself crazy, she wrote down what they said. Writing since she was of single digit age, she finally found her niche when she met another woman that heard voices in her head.

On a cold January evening in 2010, Raven Laurel stumbled upon a roleplaying community for a popular video game from the comfort of her laptop in Strayhorn, MS, USA. As an aside? The city has no zip code. Anyway, she began to chat and play her character with others in the community and met Mayden.

It was an instant connection.

Raven has also been writing since she was in the fourth grade, and she had her style established. She had become a comma guru and had created characters that spoke eloquently and elaborately. Read: long-winded. :)

Mayden, on the other hand, was usually too concise.

And a bloom was born.

Both women, though hundreds of miles apart, found a kindred connection. Their characters easily interacted, and they told intricate tales for the community to see.

They both also realized that all the voices in their heads formed relationships that could not be torn asunder. With the inception of many deeply woven tales heavily leaned into the supernatural and things that go bump in the night, their writing only got more fluid. Over the course of three years, Raven and Mayden invoked more voices, more places, and more wild adventures in one another... until an entire universe unto itself big banged in both their minds.

Their "Suffer The Blessings" series is their first attempt to share the visions that until now only clattered around in their twisted, interlocking minds.

Bedlam to her Maelstrom. ❤


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