Dorna Watts


x--- ''Hello there! I'm currently engaged (3years) to a very gawjus man Dave P who I love and adore to bits, I cherish the ground he walk's on. We been together 3 and a half years now, hope-fully we be forever to death and there-fore 'Ever-after' love.

I have 3 beautiful cat's and a doggy who I would'nt change them for the world!

I have lost loads of loved-one's in my life, which is very very hard to get round the fact of them passing away and me never seeing them again. R.I.P Grandad Trevor W, Cusion Alisha G, And my beloved animals <3 We'll meet again.

My best Friend is Melissa W She's like a sister to me, We never hardly see each-other but when we do there's that power of 'friend-ship' between us- ''God chose us as bestfriend because our mum's could have not coped if we was sisters!''

I like: Singing, dancing, acting, art & crafts, animals, bright colour's, been lazy :P, and every-thing else what a girl likes loI

love music: Mainly 'lastest' songs that come-out, R&B, I like so old music, classical and rock but not very keen on them.

Dreams: To rich (Of corse), have kids, some horses, big house with all fashionable expensive thing's in-side and out. nice body and own a pet house- Where I can rescue homeless animals in need!

Well that's about it guys, If you want to know more just ask! I don't bite! (Only if u chocolate!)'' ---x

  • Work
    • Gunstones Bakery
  • Education
    • Wales High School