Doron T. Volkman

Professional -

Extensive experience in Marketing Strategies, Locating Opportunities & Developing Appropriate Functions. Proven Positive Experience & Repeated Success while Working out in the Field, Hands-on Management & Back Office Operations.

My Core Professional Goal: Assembling, Consolidating, Locating, Hiring, Joining & Leading the Best Motivational, Operational & Target Locked Team in the Field of Marketing & Business Development. Specialties Marketing Administrator & Business Development Specialist.

Specialties are Initiating, Sourcing, Managing & Coordination Marketing & Business Expansion Functions in the Global business environment.

Aptitude and Attitude -

Futuristic - A. Expressing a vision of the future B. Being ahead of the times; innovative or revolutionary

Personal - Calculated & Rational vs. Adventurous & Enthusiastic The Big Picture & the Little Things that Matter Keep Ahead of the Crowd vs. Kick Back and let em Rush On