Doron Levari

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Technology leader, data and databases expert, hands on systems architect, with extensive experience in understanding various aspects of organizations, distributed applications, distributed databases, and integration of various technologies, hardware, software and cloud.

Expertise encompasses:

use analytical, business and technical skills to bring amazing products to life

see the big picture, yet focus on tactics, going to details and delivery

customer facing, focus on customers goals, extensive field work with customers architecting field solutions, deployments, integrations

Author of The Database Scalability Blog (

An enterprise application software leader and architect since 2001, specializes in the Java/JEE technology stack, with specific focus on Data Access Layer, O/R Mapping, Sharding, Highly Scalable coding, multi-threading, internals, bytecode instrumentation.

An Oracle Database Administrator since 1997 (Oracle Certified Professional), MySQL admin since 2004. Building, performance tuning and optimization and scaling-out database infrastructure systems as well as the organizations and IT necessary to support them. Extensive experience in data and database modeling, architecture, desig of complex databases systems serving from mission critical applications to 100's Terabytes VLDBs, with high availability and integration with almost every feature and tool in the databases ecosystem, such as replication, monitoring, profiling.

These work for me:

Be the master of your own destiny, set the rules, shoot, don't talk.

U.S. Army General Patton said: "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week"

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