Andrey Doronichev

product manager in San Francisco, CA

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Hi, I'm Andrey. I manage the product team responsible for Google's VR Applications: TiltBrush, Expeditions, YouTube VR, Cardboard Camera, etc. Prior to this I led mobile apps at YouTube.

Here's my story.

I come from Moscow where I studied computer science. I started my career as a software engineer, developing web apps. In 2004 I quit my job to found a mobile content company. It was a few years too yearly. But still, we did reasonably well. Two years later I sold my share and moved to Prague, to found an online real estate portal.

In 2007 I joined Google as one of the first Product Managers focused on mobile and helped establish YouTube's mobile division. I lead YouTube Mobile for 5 years. At first based in Dublin then London and finally, in San Francisco. We've gone from a hobby-level project making our first YouTube app for Nokia and Blackberry with a couple of engineers; to launching YouTube on Android and iOS; to becoming one of the most widely used mobile services in history and changing the way people create and consume video.

In 2013 I discovered my latest passion - Virtual Reality. I saw it as a next logical step for mobile video. I joined a group of enthusiast who wanted to turn every mobile phone into a VR device. We developed Google Cardboard in our 20% time and launched it at Google IO 2014. After that I decided to focus on VR full time have have been leading Google's VR content efforts since.

Two years in, we're still just starting. Although I'm seeing some first fruits of my team's work. YouTube is full of VR video. Google Expeditions, a VR app for schools, has been used by over 1M students. TiltBrush, the VR drawing app we launched, is considered one of the best VR apps to date. And Cardboard became the world's most used VR platform.

I'm very excited about what's ahead.