Andrey Doronichev

product manager in San Francisco, CA

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One lucky guy, who helped Google build YouTube, Daydream and Stadia. I love consumer products at the intersection of tech, media and social.

Relevant product accomplishments at Google:

▪️Launched YouTube Mobile. The original PM for YouTube Android, iOS and mobile HTML5 apps. Grew mobile from 0 to 1 billion installs. Helped enable mobile monetization with ads and premium subscription. Hired the mobile PM team. 2008-2014, PM/GPM.

▪️Co-founded Google VR/AR team. Co-creator of Google Cardboard. Launched YouTube VR, TiltBrush, Earth VR, Expeditions, Poly as well as 200+ prototypes. Built an amazing team of 20 VR/AR PMs, overseeing 200 SWE. 2014-2018, PM Director.

▪️Launched Stadia. Lead a team of 20 PMs who launched Google's AAA game streaming service. Responsible for consumer-facing side: mobile, web, TV apps; social platform, commerce and hardware. 2018-current, PM Director.

Community and social media:

▪️ —co-founded a non-profit community for Russian-speaking aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals.

▪️ - reached 300K followers by writing text pieces on becoming the best version of yourself without losing authenticity.

Outside of Google — tech entrepreneur and angel investor:

▪️Co-founder iDa Mobile 2010 - mobile-first banking (acquired)

▪️Co-founder Ripid, 2007 - online real-estste broker (shut down)

▪️Co-founder OSK, 2005 - mobile messaging service provider (still thriving)

▪️Angel investor and advisorin bunch of tech startups


▪️2005 Moscow State University of Electronics and Math (HSE) - Master of Computer Science

▪️2010 Berkeley Haas School of Business - one year Executive Business program for PMs