New Zealand, Auckland

I am a full time Clairvoyant Energy Therapist carrying a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. These days the majority of my business is online and all of it except hands on healing is doable via skype, email or phone. I specialize in Aura Diagnosis as some of you may have noticed, and have training programs for spiritual development and for the intrepid the Vibrational Expansion Technique of Energy Therapy which incorporates everthing i know and bundles it up for a 12 module professional package. Have a wee sticky at my website, you will find free reading opportunities along with free I ching and NO SPAM or data collection. (important to know these days) along with some free downloads for basic aura colours (aura pagea0, crystal magic, candle magic, affirmation magic and symbol magic on the Aura TV page.

I also have a weekly online TV show (Aura TV) which offers insights, info and free readings and information. have 4 published books on amazon also available through nook and a variety of other outlets. but wait there's more. i have a a google store for meditations and hypnotherapy, this is fairly new but has 11 products so far, the aim is for affordable hypnosis downloads so they range from 1.99- 4.99 based on how long they are, these are full therapy sessons as well as meditation for spiritual development.

Thats about it, the aura pictures i create for clients require a photo and then i do the rest with the reading being live if desired or via email (this offers a way to keep the reading) and of course the picture is emailed. I create these myself using photoshop and a motion program to get effects (which could not be shown as the site doesn't handle gifs) as i try to show the recipient not only what i can see, but also what others intuitively learn from them. Thanks for taking the time to read this far..

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