Dorothy May Ross

Womens Empowerment Coach, Writer, and Midlifepreneur in Palos Hills, Illinois

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CEO of Women Rocking Life Network, Midlife and Beyond Healthy Lifestyle Consultant, |International Best-Selling Author| Inspiration Public Speaker|Host of Online Events|Affordable Legal Service Provider.

My zone of genius is to help women illuminate their gifts and skills so that they can live a more meaningful life and rekindle the joy and prosperity they deserve.

I also Help women around the globe to transform their visions and dream into reality, While discovering a new design of themselves in the process as they rise above circumstances that no longer fit their need

As a Corporate Trainer, I work with small and medium-sized organizations and corporations to transform how they do business by sharing time management skills, ideals, thoughts and resources to overcome obstacles in the process of doing business in the workplace .

I leveraged the wisdom I have acquired from my life experiences to be a light and resource to help people change what no longer works in their life and create like they see.

As a wife and mother I have overcome many obstacles from a battle with breast cancer to broken family relationships and the untimely death of my younger sister.

Overcoming the challenges that come with living life. I show people how to take the past pain and use them as the fuel that ignites them to begin a new life. pastors and mentors’ of broke lives.

My knowledge of streams of income has positioned me into various entrepreneur businesses.

15 years as a representative of Melaleuca "The Wellness Company"

3 years as a representative of Modere Life “Wellness Company”

Creator of Flavorable Design By Desire Professional BIOS

Content Creation

Canva Master Classes

The host of Online Events

I am Dorothy May Ross, CEO of WomenRocking Life Network where I takes you from Desperation to your Destination.