Dorothy Norris

Women in business in London, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Dorothy

My current passion - and mission - is working with women who like natural products to help them to make 360 and more every single month so they don't have to stay awake at night worrying about childcare, how to pay the bills or that they can't retire when they want to because their pension isn't enough and so much more that we worry about.

I've just turned 67 and want to help 1000 women to make 360 and more every month by my 70th birthday. I'm working with a group of 7 women who have committed to make this happen. We're looking for women who want £360 - and women who want more. We can show you exactly how... call +44 7904 010259 Skype dorothynorris01 or email [email protected]

Would £360 a month make a difference to you and your family. If not in GBP - think in your own currency and skype me!!