Dorothy Rawlinson

Dorothy Rawlinson

I’m a Virtual Recruiter and HR Consultant. I’ve been an HR girl for 10 years now and I’ve worked in many different industries and helped small, mid-size to large companies. I really, really LOVE what I do.

Here’s a little more information on my HR career:

I spent 5 years working in the Healthcare Industry where I got my experience working with unions, compensation, labour relations and benefits. Most recently I was a Workforce Operations Manager for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Prior to working at LOCOG, I was responsible for hiring the really great people who put on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter games. Both games were a huge success. So clearly I did my job well!

Some fun facts about me:

Since March 2010 my guy and I have traveled around the world. Together we have travelled around Europe, lived in the Philippines, and explored Australia and some of the USA while living in a van/RV. Since returning from London we decided to stay near Toronto, ON.

Not enough you say?

Here are a couple of random details about me:

I own a 7 1/2 year old Wheaten Terrier, Pomeranian, Poodle. Her name is Pepper and I love her more than goat cheese. I would have said bacon but I’m a vegetarian. My most favourite sound in the world is the sound of my dog eating/chewing her food. I LOVE cleaning! Especially laundry and vacuuming. It’s like therapy for me. I LOVE to cook. I love to be healthy but I also LOVE chocolate so that means I need to workout a lot. I started my own website in 2010 and have helped thousands of people with their resumes and find jobs.