Doris Flodin Soderman

I am a writer. My first book, "The Sculptors O'Connor" is about a famous sculptor and his father. The son lived previously on our property and did his best work here. He gave D.C. French the Lincoln head cast for the Washington memorial of Abraham Lincoln. My second book is a biography of Emma Eliza Bucknell, who at eighteen, married William Robert Bucknell, sixty and generous multimillionaire. Was it for the money? NO. She inherited two and a half million dollars after the marriage had soured and he promised to write her and the four children of their union, out of his will on his next birthday. A month before, he suddenly died. There-in lies a tale.

Emma was a passenger on the Titanic despite a nagging feeling that something bad was about to happen and when it did, she rowed the thirty five other survivors for four hours in the freezing cold, dark night that followed the sinking of the grandest, unsinkable ship ever built.