Jonathan Dortch

I am a film director and editor, born and raised in Houston, TX. I went to film school at USC, and did a summer session at Tisch at NYU. During my Junior year at USC, I directed a television pilot for National Lampoon, and after a strong response, we were picked up for distribution. The show required travel, and instead of hitting the road with the crew, I chose to stay at USC and finish my degree. As a consolation, I was offered a chance to try my hand at editing the show, kickstarting my career in as an editor. I freelanced for many years in Los Angeles, editing everything from feature documentaries to video game trailers, for clients like Fuel TV, Nintendo, Warner Bros., ESPN, and Sony. In 2007 I accepted a dream position to be a staff editor at Honeyshed, a collaboration between Smuggler and Droga5, working under director Brian Beletic. When Honeyshed closed its doors in 2008, I hit the road and headed east to NYC to find new inspiration. In NYC I teamed up with some really talented people to form our own production and post company, BLACK WOLF, where I am a director, editor, and partner.