Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

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Dorthy especially likes travelling the world learning about how others eat as well as, hiking, snorkelling, wake surfing and Olympic powerlifting. She believes that happiness doesn’t come from what we like to do but from liking what we have to do & what you put in your body. She walks her talk, and part of this involves sharing advice on clean-eating and other ways to improve your health. She has become very passionate about healing and is compassionate. She has been researching science-based information since 2015 after a lot of her advice she was given by people in the field had the opposite results she had hoped for. you can see her research in this group. Dorthy’s Recipe & science group Passionate about nutrition from a young age as her father. She inherited a video from a pioneer Doctor in her family Doctor Leo Roy was hired by Joe Ho to speak.

Whether you are looking for a new image, headshot looking your best, a professional band promotional package or shots on your next adventure or event, give Dorthy a call, and even if she is busy, she will get back to you. She also offers other services such as streamlining your business with the use of apps integrated with your accounting software.

If you would like some beautiful portrait work done, come to Dorthy’s new studio or book a time to go on an adventure shoot.

Dorthy currently is partners of Rick Mace Construction with her loving spouse of 26 years, Rick Mace. She and Rick combine their practical and people skills. Dorthy promotes Rick Mace Construction, a successful kitchen cabinetry business

With the support of her partner Rick she is reunited with her creative passion. A creative journey devoting herself to her dreams of becoming and transdisciplinary consultant/coach.

Portraits, promotional, sales and marketing projects as well as setting up a business with technology is an ideal fit for Dorthy. She will help with polishing your image and introducing you to those who may well want what you have to offer she even can create a winning resume for you as well.

Bios mustn’t be all about work, so for fun, Dorthy enjoys a relentless pursuit of experiences that make her happy and feel alive. Her photographic work spans outdoor adventures, culture and macro shots. She is a grandmother of 4 children too.

Her work can be seen:

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