Dorthy Steffan

Reconnective Healing in Sequim, Washington

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Healing is a 'Natural Gift' from God that has No Boundaries, No Limitations and No Expectations.

Helping others heal has become an integral part of my life and it is 'An Honor' to be In Service to Humanity, Animals and Our Planet.

Serving the needs of others has always been a high priority in my life. The 'Real Me' is seen through my Spirituality, dedication as a Wife, Mother, Grandma, Friend and Business Owner.

Reconnective Healing is simply a means to 'Bring One Back Into a State of Balance' thus facilitating the return of well-being to the Body, Mind and/or Spirit through what is known as Frequencies, which allow us to 'reconnect' to the universe and to our very essence through a 'New Set of Healing Frequencies of Energy, Light and Information'. Consciousness is opened in new ways to our multidimensional nature, giving us a direct experience of who and what we truly are.

Reconnective Healing is 'the same for animals as it is for humans'. It is 'natural' to animals. They are immediately aware and open to accepting the frequencies and once exposed to them, have the ability to share them with other animals.

It is my professional opinion that everyone should experience Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

In Love & Light,


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