Dave Orchard


I am a business owner from the uk both online and offline.. I will only be Affiliated to programs that offers exceptional value for people and that gives them the best possible chance of creating a better standard of living. I have spent enough time moaning about things and it gets you no where. The recession is the same for everyone.. So if its to be it is up to me! The world is the same for everyone... The difference is how you look at it... Its so easy to blame every person & everything, but when you point a finger 4 are pointing back at you.. So if we want to change a few things in our lives, perhaps we need to change a few things in our lives. Starting with what we are thinking!!! You don't always get what we want, but you always get what you picture... So perhaps its time to change the pictures in the mind.... just a thought. Please Don't waste money like I have searching for the next best thing... have a chat with me.. and see if I can connect you to where the money hiding. work smart not hard!!

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    • Self-Employed
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    • Holsworthy High School
    • School of Hard Knocks, University of Life