Doss Family

2012 has been a wonderful year!

Matanda and I celebrated 9 years of being together! I am amazed at how far we have come and how I love him more every day. I went to work full time this year at Amerifirst Financial (yes, please let me know if you need a mortgage in Arizona or California) and Matanda's company Superior Financial Services is continuing to grow. He has worked so hard, starting with literally nothing, and how has a company operating world wide!

Jake is going to be 20 years old in December. He works full time with Matanda, is taking his college courses online and has started modeling! He was hired by AgencyAZ - check him out!

Mitch is flourishing at Army and Navy. He is a senior this year and is applying for colleges in California as well as ASU! He will be 18 the beginning of March, legal. We could not be more proud of all he has accomplished.

Mathias is 5 and 1/2 now - going on 16. He just loves sports. He was on a baseball team this year, plays basketball with his dad on the weekends and still LOVES golf. He has started working with a golf coach and asks to go to the golf course daily!

Isaiah is just simply a joy. The happiest, most energy filled boy of them all. Not quite settled into an activity he loves, other than playing with his brothers . He is very helpful and smiles all the time. He is HUGE and turning 4 on December 22.

We really are BLESSED!