Dot Bekker

Entrepreneur Mentor / Coach in Europe

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Passionate about Entrepreneurship and helping people find, develop and succeed at their chosen business and successfully be their own boss ... it's the best thing I ever did!

I believe in the Entrepreneur Revolution and how it will free more of us from the slavery that is Corporate. There has never been a better time in the course of history to start a business than it is RIGHT NOW. With the development of the internet it has given Entrepreneurs and small businesses the kind of advantages that only big businesses had in the past to reach many hundreds of thousands of people. Entrepreneurship can give us back our lives, helping others in unique ways and giving back to society.

I'm Rhodesian by birth, Dutch by ancestry, British by education and marriage, my second home is South Africa, lived in England, Portugal and currently Luxembourg. Citizen of the world, native of my own heart. I have worked across businesses, continents, countries and cultures giving my clients unique access to the world beyond.

Looking for a kick-ass business strategist and coach/mentor ... let's talk!

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