John Powell

My involvement with photography has lasted for more than a quarter of a century, although schooled in the use of film I embraced the digital age very early on. I would describe myself as a discerning photographer, one who sees digital imaging as a tool rather than a box of tricks, a photographer whose images are linked by a natural instinct for subject arrangement and attention to detail. My approach to photography is spontaneous – seeking to recapture for the viewer the same mood and atmosphere that drew me to the subject in the first place. As an enthusiastic exhibitor, I have been fortunate in having many of my images accepted into British Photographic Exhibitions . In March, 2013 I was awarded my Associateship with the BPE having gained over 400 acceptances and no fewer than 75 awards in UK National Exhibitions. In December, 2010 I successfully applied for, and gained, a distinction from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (DPAGB) with a score of 338 points. I have also been fortunate to have had much success in many of the International exhibitions held around the world and was awarded an Excellence distinction with the International Federation of Photographic Art (EFIAP) in March 2011. I'm a member of DAPA GROUP, a small group of photographers, who share a passion for image making. The group caters for the more experienced photographer. In January, 2008, DAPA Group joined the Midland Counties Photographic Federation (MCPF), which is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), in doing so DAPA Group became first UK “Internet Only” photography group to do so. I also has a passion for digital infrared photography having founded the Infrared Photographic Society in 2009. The society is open to all interested photographers worldwide, in which they can exhibit and discuss their creations, both openly and freely with others.