Spanky Is

Spanky started music in 2005 recording just as jokes and for fun in a garage and the music was horrible... but then in 2006 he and some friends started a group called "Scene Kidz" and took all the music to MySpace. Scene Kidz got some pretty good attention but after the group broke up Spanky went solo starting the project "Dot Dot Curve" in 2007. After recording a few songs and putting it on MySpace it started to blow up. Getting hundreds of downloads a day on his free mp3's on MySpace and reaching over 2 million views! Then he released his first album "TillTheWheelsFallOff" and got signed to standby records/victory records. After blowing up on MySpace and getting signed he went on several U.S. tours and got his CD's and T-shirts sold world wide in Hot Topic stores. Spanky has been in several AP magazines and also in UK magazines like Kerrang! Over the past few years Spanky is still making music and better than ever. He now has made 14 Albums, 3 EP's, several singles and collabs with other artist recording over 185 songs thus far and DDC has been played over 57 Million times!!!


I love all my fans and thanks for the support!

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