Doteasy Technology Inc

Burnaby, BC, Canada

Doteasy is one of Canada's leading web hosting service providers. Headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, Doteasy was founded in 2000 and strives to use the most advanced services and products to help customers create and maintain the best website possible. Doteasy serves customers that with a range of websites, from very small and basic to extremely complex, and helps them perform all tasks, starting with envisioning their website, streaming traffic to the site, and making content that is clear, compelling, and effective. Doteasy also specializes in helping clients who wish to host apps through their site or set up cloud hosting capabilities.

In addition to helping people and companies build websites, Doteasy also performs related tasks that are essential for businesses. Doteasy's specialists will register domain names and set customers up for private registration so that outsiders cannot access the site. Doteasy also establishes accounts for clients using tools and programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, and the Mac OS X e-mail client. For those who wish to make money through their website, Doteasy will launch e-commerce tools so visitors can make convenient payments.

Doteasy knows that setting up and managing websites can be highly technical and tricky. That is why the company prides itself on its exceptional customer service, which is all based in-house. Clients can contact a professional and knowledgeable Doteasy staff member by either e-mail, online chat, or calling a customer service representative for expert advice. Doteasy's goal is to take away the stress of website creation and maintenance so that clients can focus on their own day-to-day business and operations.