doTerra Essential Oils

When my friends first told me about their use of doTerra products, I can’t lie, I was skeptical. I’ve never been one to try much outside of the manipulation of diet and exercise when it comes to my health, as I always viewed those as being the only two components of wellness. That’s where I was incredibly, incredibly wrong. Having had back issues all my life, I always loved the feeling and aura of being in a massage therapists office; I loved the smell. Little did I know that these were essential oils like doTerra’s that were helping to increase my relaxation and alleviate my stress during these sessions. And who doesn’t need less stress, more energy, and an improved sense of wellness in their life? Once a good friend from high school started to enlighten me on the powers and benefits of essential oils, I had to give doTerra a try. My Young Living friends will be surprised by this, I actually considered doTerra Essential Oils.

From my opening of the package and first use of the product, the therapeutic benefits were immediate and bountiful. As an extremely socially conscious consumer, it gives me piece of mind to know that all oils are stringently tested using strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade protocol, so I know that their impact on the environment is minimal. DoTerras essential oils, distilled with exquisite care from a variety of different plants, have helped me to find a more happy, relaxed place in my home, my office, and my car. For someone who’s constantly on the go, a touch of bergamot or cedarwood right before or after meetings allows me to clear my mind and approach my day feeling relaxed and confident. The wide variety of doTerra products allow me to get this piece of mind in several different forms, such as Skin, Hair Care, and Spa products. They even have a weight mangement line to help slim me down for my fall vacation. I’m so thankful I lwistened to my old friend and found doTerra!