Savannah Maher

After attaining my BA in psychology from Northwest University I ventured out to find work where I could combine my passion for people with my experience in the field of counseling psychology and industrial organizational psychology. During that time I fell sick, perscription and over the counter medicine was only making me sicker, and I was losing all hope of ever attaining a career, let alone one I truly could feel honored about. I wanted to serve other people but how could I help others when I couldn't even help myself. doTERRA was introduced to me in late 2011 and it saved both my health and my career. I have always placed strong value on the "pay it forward" principle and therefore I knew both professionally and personally I needed to get involved with this amazing company and help people with attaining there goals for mental health, physical health, and finances in hopes that they will continue to "pay it forward" and share this amazing product with those in need.

As Mahatma Gandhi beautifully stated, "be the change you want to see in the world."