Doterra Works

Ways to earn money with DoTERRA. (and yes, you can enjoy all of these opportunities at the same time). Picture 1. Retail profits—Buy at wholesale, sell at retail, keep the profits. (From your personal doTerra web site) 2. Power of 3 Team Bonus—Receive up to $1,500 per month just for building your qualified team structure. 3. Fast Start Bonuses—Enjoy weekly checks and an accelerated earning period when you sponsor new IPCs. 4. Unilevel Checks—Ensure residual income by maintaining your customer base. 5. Global Bonus Pools & Founder's Club—Benefit from growth all over the world by qualifying for global bonus pools. This includes the unique opportunity to earn a share of 1% (2% the first year) of DôTerra commissionable volume in each DôTerra market, by becoming a DôTerra Founder's Club member.