Dot Everything

San Bernardino, California

Dot Everything is a recording engineer, Hip Hop producer and all around master of ceremonies. The focus of his music is said to be the "harsh reality" of growing up in poverty-stricken communities around the globe. Born of Spanish and African descent on August 6th 1992 in San Bernardino, California. As a child, he watched his father write and record music for years. Slowly he began to write his own music which would lead to recording and mixing his own music, as well. Having released plenty of records and mixtapes in the streets of his hometown, he is currently preparing to release the much anticipated "Forever Kool" project. Titling it after a very close friend that passed away in December 2008 named Holland Atkins aka Kool H. Being a firm figure in "ghetto" and poor neighborhoods in every country is his main objective. To speak for those who couldn't be heard for themselves, and to provide opportunity to the best of his ability to these people, as well. In this sense, he is open to working with many different artists and people throughout the world. "Forever Kool" is said to have guest appearences from a few artists that are hungry and talented on the global level.

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