Dr. Andrew Glass, DPM

Dr. Andrew Glass, DPM

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New York, NY 10017, United States


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Generally, ankle and foot pain, blisters, and other issues resolve themselves with a little time and care. If not, though, consult a doctor because they could indicate much more serious health concerns. Dr. Andrew Glass, DPM, a highly rated podiatrist serving patients from Downtown Podiatry, a practice located in Midtown Manhattan, is wide considered the best foot specialist in New York City. He promises individualized treatment plains tailored to the unique needs of your condition.Every patient will receive a full evaluation to locate the source and cause of the foot problem. Once the cause has been established, the doctor develops a personalized treatment plan and begins coordination of all aspects of your treatment. If he decides your condition requires surgery, the surgical consultation will be included in your initial evaluation visit.Dr. Andrew Glass, DPM has built a reputation for caring, compassionate treatment and takes his time to make sure each patient understands what’s wrong and what they can expect throughout their treatment. It’s all too common for patients to feel that doctors are trying to rush their patients, but Dr. Andrew Glass takes the time to build a comfortable, trusting relationship with each one.To schedule an appointment, call Dr. Andrew Glass, DPM now at (516) 314-6484. Services are available in English and Spanish.