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Installing outdoor flood lighting can be a fairly simple task if you know what you are doing. The following is a list of helpful tips for you to take a look at for guidance before embarking on this home security project.

1. Find out about coding requirements and zoning restrictions in your area to make sure you are not breaking any rules. To find this information, get in touch with your local municipality.

2. You can take care of the wires for your lighting yourself, but before starting to dig any holes, contact your electricity company first and have them send someone to your home to help you locate and mark areas with underground wiring in place. This will let you determine exactly where you need to dig.

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3. When shopping for your light fixtures, make sure you look for ones that are made specifically for the purpose of being used outside. Check your light fixtures for the Underwriter's Laboratory seal of approval, and do not install lighting that is meant for indoor use only-doing so can end up being a home security hazard in its own right.

4. For safety purposes, purchase, borrow, or rent (depending on your options and how much electrical installation you plan on doing in the future) a ground fault interrupter. In the event that the hot wire somehow becomes damaged, the ground fault interrupter will stop the current, reducing your risk of electrical shock. You should also make sure that the power source you are going to be using is disconnected before you start.

5. To save money on your monthly electricity bill without compromising your home security, choose lighting with motion sensors. This type of lighting is a great option because it is just as effective-if not more effective than-lighting without motion sensors, and you do not waste power by having to leave them on all night. Plus, if someone comes onto your property unexpectedly and you see a light go on suddenly, you will know right away that someone is there. This will give you extra time to evaluate the situation and contact the police or other authorities, if necessary. If you choose this type of lighting, you will need to get a motion light kit.

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