Michael Turner

A self-professed philomath of the Arts and Sciences, I was graduated magna cum laude in International Business Strategy, French, and English from the Carlson School of Management and have been the author of several blogs.

I have been a noted wine educator and consultant, Tae-bo instructor, marine-life and reef educator, 6th grade economic teacher, and university TA. As you can tell, I am passionate about sharing and imparting knowlegde, expanding the horizons of those who are willing to let me in.

I am absolutely mad about English soccer. My friends would insist that I am a vanguard of societal intolerance, prognosticator of policy pitfalls, and a passionate advocate of wildlife, the environment, civil rights, and all things geek.

Born in Los Angeles, I have lived in Paris, Honolulu, Minneapolis, Montreal, and I currently live in Manhattan.