Dotta Raphels

Dotta Raphels

Dotta Raphels was born in the Eastern part of Nigeria, in Imo State. She is a freelance writer and blogger. She grew up amid a culture of folk-tales, myths, fables and a belief in the supernatural. As a child, she travelled the world over, through the enthralling pages of the many books she read, in a bid to escape the realities of growing up in a polygamous home.

The next milestone towards a career in writing was set by her literature teacher, Mr. Andy Chukwujekwu. He was a wizard with words and challenged Dotta and her peers to defy the odds and make themselves heard. He was able to evoke any feeling he desired from his class. Dotta wanted to be just like him.

Dotta wrote her first novel in 1989. Unfortunately this manuscript was lost when her word processor was stolen in 1994, in London. To date Dotta has written five novels, one of which is the newly published Adaora.

The many stories she weaves are based upon the history of her magical hometown, Nkwessi. A place she considers the most beautiful place on earth.

Dotta Raphels currently resides in Houston, Texas with her peculiar vegan husband and seven quirky children, two of which are know-it-all twins and a bossy last born, queen Elizabeth. Her writing is influenced by their individual characters.