DOTv2 is a base coat, top coat and maintenance product designed for artificial nails . . . . . and, as a top coat for natural nails as well as a maintenance product.

We now have the product and the process. Our product is "quick" and "thorough" dry. Upon application, it dries as fast as most, but the best kept secret is that it dries the polish all the way through in four layers.

In addition, Our product, when used as a maintenance product once or twice a week, will cut down the chipping and peeling. Moreover, it will bring back the color back to its original shine, sheen and luster.

Whether it is manicures, pedicures, or artificial nails, our product is second-to-none. It makes whatever system you are using the very best, whether your are using a 99 cent or $25 bottle of polish.

If you are a polish company, a retail store, a distributor or a nail salon, we would like you an opportunity to try our product with your popular colors. If you are a company that requires your own private line we have one for you. If you want you put your own label on our product, that can be arranged.

First, print the Overview with Application Instructions so that you adapt our way to your current system. Second, simply order a free sample by emailing us. Be sure you give us your complete mailing address and telephone number.

To contact us, our information appears below. Finally, It Really Works!


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