Double Alpha

Double Alpha Photography was established in 2010 and was developed by two photographers.They are Apend and Ajish.Both of them were students from Politeknik Premier Johor Bahru. Now they have set up a photography group that has a different style and uniqueness. For the sake of picture quality, they have been working together in shooting and editing. Apend His full name is called Affandi and more comfortable with the title Apend or Fendi. Came from Negeri Sembilan and is still traveling around the south of peninsular Malaysia. He has experience in a DSLR camera and skilled in manipulating images. Ajish His full name is Abdul Aziz, and also more comfortable or known by the name of Ajit or Ajish. Came from Perlis and now is traveling around the South of peninsular Malaysia. He has experience in DSLR cameras, the photo retouching and advanced photo enhancing. Ajish is senior to Apend.