Double L Photography

Hi, I'm Lisa Lombardo. Or Lisa, or Lis, or in some circles, Miss Lisa. Okay...a few things about me (or several, depending on how far you want to go)....

I love coffee, chocolate and Halloween.

I'm crazy about my kids and am constantly amazed at what they can do and how much they know.

I need to make lists and stay organized or I'll never get anything done.

I have two brothers, whom I cherish as a couple of my greatest pals.

I think that TV on DVD is the only way to go.

I get my best work done at 6:00 in the morning, before anyone else is awake.

I'm a HUGE fan of Friday Night Lights and College Football Saturday.

I know I should read more.

A nice glass of vino is the perfect end to my day (preferably something Italian).

I love, love, love that when it's all over and the calm has settled in, I get to sit and hold hands with my best friend, the love of my life, my guy, Christopher.

Why am I a photographer? Why have I chosen to look at life through the lens? I could tell you that it's because I love taking pictures. I could say that my passion is capturing the best moments in life. I could talk about finding the art in photography and all that jazz. But, truly, I do it because I know how. I've been photographing professionally for almost two years, and for going on 15 years before that. It's my job to take pictures and find the best moments. And your portraits are not my art. Your portraits are about you. I can be artistic and creative if that's what your looking for, but mostly my work is about making you feel comfortable and look great. My art is about me, but when we work together, it's all about you and how amazing you are!