Holly Connolly



The school bell rang, kids ran for the field… but rather than getting sweaty, I preferred to donate my cardy for 1 of the football posts, empty the majesty of coloured pencils from my Spice Girls back pack… and get creative! Subconsciously influenced by the visual craziness of my childhood home; a vibrant expressive hub where Bowie, Pistols, Westwood, Rothko and Warhol battled for wall space with The Young Ones, ‘The Singling Ringing Tree’, a variety of quotes and random creative ephemera (some rude). A passion for all things creative developed. Although the home I grew up in was exciting, ever changing and interesting, unfortunately the town I grew up in was not! After I graduated from NEW College, Bromsgrove with a HND in Visual Communication, I headed to sunny Swansea to complete and attain my BA hons Degree in Graphic Design. My projects have covered a variety of all aspects of design including, illustrative, print and digital. Clients to date include : BSM, iLivExtreme, SnowBusiness, FrankWater, Gooch&HouseGo;, WelshAutismSupport, Supporting Family Change, Creditcall & Clubland. Please check out my portfolio and if you would like to know any more please get in touch.

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    • www.doubleolly.com
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    • BA Hons Graphic Design