Je-Yang Lin

Student, Software Engineer, and Volunteer in 臺灣省, 台灣

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Hello , I think you guys want to be a friend with me🙂

My country is Hsinchu Chupei

I like Board Game , Cultural , Artistic Activities , Badminton , Steam Game and help someone need help

I am very enjoy in try something different things

If you have something interesting thing , please tell me🙂

Learn Jazz drums for 1 year , but I want to learn piano

🇹🇼 Providence University of Catholic in Taichung ShaLu

Welcome to PU Luking Library , you will enjoy it 😊

Computer Science and Information Engineering student

CSIE 105 A Class Representative

My Summary Skills are Java , OpenCV , FPGA , Unity ,etc

Using Java programming ACM-ICPC Problem

Major in User Experience and Human Computer Collaborative / Interaction

Teaching Asistant in PU CSIE, CSCE and CSIM

CSCE Peer Learning Family Leader of Teaching Asistant with Prof. Wu

PU CCI of Competitive Programming Base Co-Founder and Consultant

Independent study College Award with Prof. Wong and Industry Teacher Dani

Best Teaching Asistant Award

CPE Best Rank Rating is 1.6% ( 33 / 2044 ) in Taiwan

Excellent work Award and Ranking 6th in National Prgramming Arena with Prof. Hsu and Prof. Zhan

Top 20 Team in Taiwan TransAction Competition

🇹🇼 National Central University in Taoyuan ChungLi

Welcome to tell me more about somewhere funny in chungLi

Internet Publicity Section of DreamFactory in NCU

We have finish so many project with social enterprise

Outgoing Global Talent @er in Taiwan NCU LC

Best member Award

OGT Special Contribution Award

We invite Kai-Fu Lee, David kuo, Jackson Hung and Roger Lo join event.