Doug Lawrence

Real Estate Broker in Gig Harbor, Washington

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I'm a family guy. I'm a people person. I'm interested in how things work and I'm good at making them work better. I remember names, faces, places, and details. I'm a problem solver, a negotiator, and a strong believer in good old-fashioned common sense. And, I'm a huge coffee nut! (Can't live without it, pretty much.) I put all those qualities to work for me, and for my clients, when it comes to finding just the right property for them (yes, the coffee included).

My blog is my opportunity to sit down with you over a "virtual" cup of coffee to talk about what's going on in my world--in real estate and in my community.

I hope you'll find good insight and helpful information here on my blog, and maybe even a laugh or two when the mood strikes me, I'd also love to help you find or sell your next house when the time is right!