Doug Leedy

South Florida, United States

I'm a young 65 with anindependent streak that suits me very well for self-employment. I was a realestate appraiser for the past 25 years and a full-time realtor for 12 beforethat. I’ve been married for 40 years and have two grown sons and three granddaughters.I was looking for retirement income, and now I have it. Now I want to share themagic of leveraged residual income along with financial protection for thecoming economic crisis we face. I majored in getting through college with aminor in beer. I wanted to coach, but didn't have the patience (or theinterest) to teach. This might tell you why: Major in Speech, Minor inPolitical Science. Reason: didn't have to take any math or foreign language. Igraduated in 4 years and never once had to write a term paper. A wasted youth,but a ton of fun. Now I'm preparing for full retirement and I want to helpothers position themselves to do the same. We are in a new global economy that is erodingour middle-class, so we have to prepare for that and protect ourselveseconomically. I have some ideas concerning how to do that and I want to sharethem.