Doug Naidus

Based in the greater New York metropolitan area, finance executive Doug Naidus plays a key role in the global lending and mortgage industries. For instance, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of World Business Lenders in New York City, a provider of short-term loans for small businesses across America. Offering loans of up to $200,000, Doug Naidus and his colleagues at World Business Lenders help worthy business owners obtain the necessary capital to stay competitive in a changing economy, expand their base of operations, purchase new equipment, or reach other feasible goals.

In tandem with his work at World Business Lenders, Mr. Naidus performs as an Operating Executive at Morgan Joseph TriArtisan Group, where he joins a team of leaders with proven success in the merchant banking industry. In addition, he serves as Non-Executive Chairman with Deutsche Gulf Finance. In this role, he paves the way toward home ownership for families in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

With more than 20 years in the mortgage industry, Doug Naidus recently spent four years as a Managing Director and Global Head of Mortgages in the Residential Mortgage Backed Securities Group at Deutsche Bank. Previously, Mr. Naidus founded and served as CEO of MortgageIT, one of the largest residential mortgage brokers in the United States before its sale to Deutsche Bank in 2006. Doug Naidus holds a B.S. in Marketing and Finance from Syracuse University. In his free time, Mr. Naidus enjoys practicing martial arts and playing at the Bridge Golf Club.