Doug Brandt


Originally born in Columbus, Ohio, I quickly departed to the safehaven of Youngstown, Ohio, which is where I grew up. Known some places as The Murder Capital of the USA, I’m afraid to inform I actually grew up in the suburb of Boardman, and sadly am not much of a thug. Instead, I stuck with schooling, sports and music versus thugging and murdering. It’s a fair trade off. Inspired by the music I listen to and my friends, I was encouraged to start playing bass towards the end of my high school career. By the end of my senior year, I was officially in my friend’s band, my most surprising feat up to this point. We are a regional touring band at this point frequently playing in western NY, PA, and Ohio, as well as trying to go on a week tour at least once a year. Last year was Colorado. I also decided that it was time to call it quits with the once Murder Capital of America, and go to Capital University to study music technology, back in Columbus. So I did. Now I’m here taking bass lessons from Roger Hines, a guy who toured with Ray Charles for several years, and I am apart of the MIDI band led by Music Tech Leader, Chad Loughridge. And I also go to classes which are mostly run by people with real, raw experience, I’m in a good crowd. Cont…. (at a later point in life)

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