Doug Charles

Southern Indiana

Christ is my hero. I love coffee. I love chocolate. If your neighbor stumbles, be there to help. Leave the judging to god. In the words of Mother Teresa; 'more than a piece of bread, what people hunger for the most is love'.

I currently work a full time job and in my spare time I trade foreign currencies. Forex will be my vehicle to give back to those who have so freely given to me over the years. I love meeting people. The biggest majority of them are very smart!

'Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it daily'.

I wish all an incredible 2016. Tell someone you love them today. It could save a life.

I'm still in my 40's and I still run every morning... straight to that bathroom. lol

  • Work
    • yes and lots of it.
  • Education
    • Books, books, and books