Doug Hill

Suburban Washington DC

It's there playing in your head the music that turns your life into a musical. Riffed off of the sounds of the city, the catch phrase that matches a lyric or just a feeling that overtakes you.

Add to that some great photography capturing people or places at that moment, stopped forever like using one of those super hero powers. Soon we'll have 3D images that you will be able to project and walk around so you get an even more relaistic sense of that moment in space. If we could only add what that person was thinking or had done that day then history would even be more exciting.

Maybe that's why I love history, everything is connected to the past, there is always a moment before, something that happened to help create that moment...

  • Work
    • RightsAssist, LLC
  • Education
    • BA Economics University of Rochester
    • MBA Finance Columbia University