Michael Pierce


Hi to everyone! In this biography, I’ll introduce myself.
I really don’t like boring presentations, however for this occasion I’ll have to make an exception: I’m Michael Pierce, I am 22 and live in Netherlands. Like the actual blog’s title implies, my interests are video games and also technology generally speaking.
I played my first videogame 9 years back, and so from that moment I started off to like them. Right now, this web blog comes into the world and inside this there will be all my interests… but precisely why?

I am looking for someone in the world, somebody who likes PCs and videogames like me, that will read very carefully and gladly all of my posts, given that in real life I don’t have buddies with whom to share my personal passion. I am not going to post randomly bullshit or something similar to that, I would like my readers to follow me due to the actual utility of my guides along with the news I bring you every now and then. I will not let you down, promised!

Hopefully you are going to follow me, I’m able to conclude right here this short introduction post! Guides as well as news will begin rolling out soon, therefore, stay tuned!

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