Doug Bergman

Charleston, South Carolina, United States

"...I've been teaching for 20+ years, the majority of that in Computer Science. Since my first day of teaching, I’ve led hands-on project-based classes simply because it made sense. The best way to describe my classes would be “structured, but chaotic with a side order of energy”. I got my B.S. from Clemson University & M.A. from University of South Carolina. I bring a unique perspective to education as I am a product of 12 years in the public school world, but have spent the last 20 years in the independent school world, plus a few years in industry. I’ve attend school as a student while living in France, and I’ve taught school while living in Japan, so I’ve experienced education in a wide variety of ways. We have presented about our Computer Science program at confernces regionally, nationally, and internationally. We are also honored to have received several awards for our program and our students.

Things that are important to me are that the world start to look at Computer Science as one of the core subject areas, as integral to education as language and math. Also on my agenda is to increase the percentage of female students who explore and study Computer Science and related fields. We need to have different ways of thinking and problem solving in the technology world. The diversity that the female mind brings to a traditionally male field will open up that field to tremendous potential.

It is also fundamentally crucial that our educational systems rengage with students. Over the last several decades where a passive lecture-based experience may have served our needs (although I am not sure it did), with the dynamic nature of the world today, and with a completely different way of information access and use, we can no longer function with teacher-centered one-directional knowledge delivery systems. Students must be in learning environments where active engagement with content and discovery of information and understanding is as what drives the experience of the student.

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