Doug Bernstein

I represent venture capital funds -- including serving as general counsel to First Round Capital. I followed my prom date to the University of Rochester where I learned that it's cold in Rochester, it's hard to get a job with a history major, and that I should probably go to law school (or play the lottery) if I ever wanted to be able to afford season tickets to my beloved NY Mets. I received my law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law, which is a really long name -- even for a law school. After law school I married my prom date, worked at a bunch of law firms, and turned down the general counsel job at shortly before it was acquired eBay. In 2009 I founded Bernstein Law Group, PC, a name I selected after exhaustive market research — and a few beers. I lecture frequently on a wide variety of topic -- primarily to my kids. I've worked on more venture capital transactions then any lawyer in the history of the world and hope that my #StatsIMadeUp meme on twitter catches on one day. I have recently switched from beer to scotch and still don't have those Mets season tickets….

[BTW, the NY State Bar would like me to note that this could be deemed attorney advertsing.]