Doug Booker

Gardner, Kansas

As President and Founder of Booker Training Associates, Doug is a Facilitator, Change Agent, Coach, Author, & Leadership-Development Consultant.. Booker Training Associates is a business Doug began after a successful military career, retiring as a Major from the Army in 1992. The idea for his work evolved as Doug began realizing the ‘challenge’ facing organizations in managing (leading) people. Ultimately he focuses on organizational & individual leadership behavior, helping with what he calls People-Systems.

A strong believer in the need for continued learning…he has earned a Masters degree in Management. Doug preaches ‘Never Stop Learning’; personally completing an Executive MBA program, as well as Lean Business/Manufacturing certification. This knowledge-base and experience, combined with his humor and understanding of human relations, makes learning enjoyable. He possesses a unique ability to relate and challenge people’s thinking and behaviors; derived from experiences gained in working with hundreds of organizational leaders, gaining trust and achieving results.

In his 20 years of service, Doug has worked with a variety of industries and teaches with various graduate-level universities. Along with his teaching and consulting work, he writes and distributes Leadership Moments along with authoring five books (below).

Doug regards his wife Sydney, two children and family as the best parts of his life, along with being able to work in a field that he loves and considers his passion, and maybe even a ministry of sorts. Doug was selected as the Army’s National Leadership Faculty of the Year in 1989; receiving this recognition from the Secretary of Defense in Washington D.C. Most recently he was recognized as Baker University's Faculty of the Year (2014).

Books by Booker:

Leadership Conversations - Teaching Fishing 2009 CLICK HERE (or copy/paste into your browser:

Leadership Conversations - Rebuilding on Rock 2010 CLICK HERE (or copy/paste into your browser:

The Conference for Leaders 2011 CLICK HERE (or copy/paste into your browser:

SIGNIFICANCE Starts Now – How We Live Our Lives Matters! 2012 C

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