Doug Bowman Ohio

Toledo, Ohio, United States

In preparation for his career, Dr. Doug Bowman fulfilled pre-dental coursework at the University of Toledo and later received the Army Health Professional Scholarship to study dentistry at the West Virginia University Medical Center. Dr. Doug Bowman entered the 101st Airborne Army Dental Corps after earning his DDS and practiced in the military for a number of years before returning to school to complete an MS in biomedical science and a general practice residency at the Medical College of Ohio (MCO), where he has served as an associate professor.

In his academic appointments at MCO, Dr. Bowman has taught courses in the Department of Otolaryngology and provided mentorship to dental students in their residency programs. He has balanced his schedule between instructing classes, performing research, and presenting at various lectures and table clinics. Among other achievements, he has published papers in the Journal of Cellular Biology and the Journal of Developmental Biology on topics related to human esophageal epithelial cells.

Dr. Doug Bowman currently practices at Gentle Caring Dentistry, located southeast of Toledo in Fremont. He offers general oral health care procedures and treatments, while creating a peaceful environment for his patients.

  • Work
    • University Of Toledo
  • Education
    • West Virginia Dental School