Doug Buckingham

Trainer & Therapist in England, United Kingdom

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Hello, my name is Doug Buckingham and I am a therapist and a trainer, living in the UK, and working in the UK and overseas. I am passionate about what I do, and with all of the classes and workshops that I run, I try to share some of that passion.

I run a school called "Cara - the Centre of Transformational Learning" from which we run regression training in the UK a couple of times a year, interline regression once a year, hypnosis training four or more times a year, Reiki training six times a year, plus we are starting accredited Sound Healing training in the Autumn of 2017. I also hold Crystal Bowl sound healing monthly in Buckinghamshire and in London, as well as other monthly workshops.

I have a fairly broad background in the therapy modality area, having been extensively trained in all of the modalities that I teach as well as various types of Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Aura Soma, Theta Healing Crystal healing

My principle interest in all things therapeutic is that they make a tangible difference to people's everyday lives. I am tremendously interested in how people function, and how they can help themselves to move forward when they don't function as well as they might like in an area of their lives. I see life from a Soul and energy perspective, and when I work with people in groups or 1-2-1, then I try and help them them to understand that bigger picture perspective.

As well as my client work and courses, I have also developed a series of Life Enhancing audios which are available through my website shop, and through my App "Hypnosis for Transformation". And I have a book coming out in the summer of 2017 entitled "Gifts for the Soul".