Doug Clark

real estate in Salt Lake City, Utah

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My life has been all about taking risks. This may surprise you for a man who spent over 14 years as an airline pilot, but what that taught me from day one is not to fear risk, but to manage it.

I loved my time flying, but I was also fascinated by business. I’d studied it during my honours degree at the University of Utah and I wanted to test my skills in the toughest market of all – real estate. I started small but I could immediately see the potential to build my company and to change my life at the same time. I bought my first home at an auction and resold it within three days. I guess I’ve been hooked ever since!

In 2005, I teamed up with my great friend Mike Baird, and we formed Equity Capital Group and Clark Venture Capital. Since then, I have bought and sold over 1000 properties and learned something from every single deal. One thing I tell anyone who is thinking of getting into real estate is that the purchase price is the most important number in the whole deal – think carefully and only when you’re 100% sure, go for it.

I guess you could say that my life has never been dull. I’m very proud of having the opportunity to film TV shows such as, Foreclosure Boys and Flip Men. I hope they have helped young, old, and new entrepreneurs to learn about the world of real estate. Some of the challenges were pretty extreme, but every one was a genuine money making opportunity.

What am I doing now? Well, people have always asked me about real estate so I decided it was time to reach out to them. I’ve worked hard in the last couple years to help educate others on how they can get started in real estate. I’ve been lucky enough to become the number one recognized real estate trainer in the world, been featured on ABC’s Nightline, TMZ, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The New York Times, among others. This has really sharpened up my communication skills and I now hold seminars on wealth building all over the US.

At the end of the day though, my greatest fulfilment in life is raising my two amazing young children and teaching people how to become financially free in real estate.